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A House, A Home

Like an overloaded donkey cart has no chance of working as it should without balancing the load, children living on the streets of Romania have no hope of living a normal life without help. The Bridge Boys' Home will offer some of those children the chance they need.

We are in the process of setting up a new home for the street boys of Timisoara, Romania. We bought the house and land in March 2003, and are currently building a (mostly) new house.

A House, A Home. Details about the house, the town where the house is, who will be running the home, and how the home will be run. Also photos showing the layout of the grounds.

Life in Action. This our main news page. Latest news: Spring Newsletter 2018 – passing on the baton, moving on, transitioning to a new season, bye bye sweet Bella, prayer points. (March 2018.)

Security in Love. Most of the street boys have received very little love in their lives. This directly leads to much of their wild behaviour.

Spiritual Growth. We teach the boys about who God is and especially what Jesus has done for them, and also about personal character qualities such as truthfulness and integrity.

Physical Growth. Good food, good exercise and good rest all contribute to good growth.

Education. Most streetkids haven't been to school recently, if ever, so these guys are a little behind in their reading and writing.

Reach Out. What you can do to help this project. The main thing you can do is pray for us. Read about some of our current prayer needs here.