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A House, A Home
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The Home Philosophy

The Boys' Home will be run by The Bridge. The Bridge foundation was started by Steve and Deb Bishop who are serving with International Teams.

At International Teams Timisoara our vision is to tangibly show God's love for the street children of Timisoara by providing food, shelter, showers, clothing, education and medical needs so that they can become productive members of society.

In addition to this, for several years there has been a pressing need for a home for the street boys of Timisoara. By the grace of God we are now in a position where we are able to make that happen. This will be a house where some of those street boys will live, and call home. It will provide them with the family environment that they may never have personally known. We will be limiting the number of boys living at the house to ten, to ensure we keep a family feeling.

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The Boys' Home is situated in Jimbolia, 45km west of Timisoara, Romania. The original house had six rooms with about 2,500 square metres of garden and about 1.5 hectares of farm land nearby.

Jimbolia is a town of about 11,000 people just 5km away from the border with Serbia. They even have a Jimbolia web site. (The border is about 4km from the home itself.) Hungary is about 60km to the northwest. We have been welcomed by the Mayor, and have been assured that the home will be put on the map of Jimbolia.

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The more recent shot below (early June 2003) shows the house at the left of the picture after a massive deconstruction of the back resulted in about two thirds of it being removed. The building on the right belongs to the neighbours (but is for sale for €10,000 and would be really nice to have, BTW).

The small building at the back of the property used to be a pig pen (and certainly smells like one) and still has a long-drop toilet. The building has now been removed except for the toilet, the back wall, and the side wall at the right end.

Click for a larger view.

In front of the pig pen (shown at left) is a big hole that will eventually be a cellar underneath the kitchen. It has been dug even deeper since this photo was taken.

Click for a larger view.

Behind the pig pen (at the left of the picture) is a large field which belongs to the Boys' Home and will be used to grow vegetables etc. The strawberry patch is in the foreground - they were in season in the first half of June.

Click for a larger view.

Note that the above photos are very wide angle, so there is some distortion. For example, the two brick walls in the bottom photo are actually at right angles to each other.

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