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Security in Love

Love is an important part of any family, but sadly, many of these boys have simply not had enough love in their early lives.

So many boys living on the streets have more than enough reasons to qualify for living at the Boys' Home. Some have lived on the streets for years. Some tell of suffering cruel beatings at the hands of an alcoholic father or step-father, and have the scars to show for it. Some have run away from orphanages (sometimes several orphanages in a row) because of neglect, or physical or sexual abuse by staff or older children. Some children are on the street because they like the freedom and the friendship they find there.

While living on the street, some of the boys cut themselves. This is sometimes so that they can get more sympathy while begging, sometimes simply to hurt themselves because they hate themselves and their own life so much.

All their stories have a common theme - a lack of love (yes, even the children who say they just like the freedom of the streets). This lack of love has had a serious and deep impact on their emotional and social development, and sometimes their physical development also.

Love is a practical thing, and we aim to show love to these boys by making sure their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs are met. For example, some of these boys have never had their own bed to sleep in. We hope these boys will be secure in the knowledge that not only do they have their own bed, but no one is going to take it away from them.

We call it the Boys' Home rather than simply the Boys' House because it is quite literally the boys' home, not just a house they happen to live in. It is our desire that they will feel safe and secure there and that they will gradually heal from the troubles they faced in their early lives and become fully productive members of society.

Most importantly, our hope is that by being shown what love is really about, they will be more open to God's love for them, and respond to His call to become part of His family.